What is Run for Something?

Run for Something recruits and support young diverse progressives running for state & local office across the country. Since launching in 2017, RFS has recruited more than 50,000 young people who want to run, endorsed more than 1000, and elected more than 300 all-stars. Get all the details at runforsomething.net.

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What is this?

Every Monday, we’ll send you a feel-good update. It’s exactly what it sounds like: An update to make you feel good — news from our candidates, stories about how state & local candidates are making their communities a better place, and occasional updates on RFS events & operations. We will almost never ask you for money through this newsletter.

Why should I sign up?

If you’re interested in: Run for Something, state and local candidates, millennial & gen-z leadership, the future of the Democratic Party, building a bench, bringing more women & people of color into positions of power, passing progressive policies ASAP, fighting the status quo, redistricting, beating Republicans, and/or having something resembling faith in government again, you’ll like these emails.

What if I want to do more?

Three options:

  1. Sign up to run yourself.

  2. Become a Run for Something volunteer.

  3. Donate! Every dollar matters.