RFS feel-good update (6/14): This video will make you cry

Scroll down to see Nadarius Clark's emotional victory.

Hi all -

Some good news to start our morning: Last week, four of our five Virginia candidates in competitive primaries WON. Some of the broader highlights from Election Day:

  • Ryan Lizanecz will represent district 5 on Portland’s charter commission.

  • John Malchow advanced from the primary for Watchung Borough Council in NJ; Joe Signorello advanced from the primary for NJ State Senate, district 21; Alyia Gaskins advanced in her primary for Alexandria City Council in VA

And in a few final stories from Texas the week prior:

The last few weeks of elections means we’re now up to 515 winners since launching in 2017. Some fun stats:

  • 55% are women, 44% are men, & 1 is non-binary

  • 20% identify as LGBTQIA+

  • 44% White, 26% Black, 19% Latinx, 8% AAPI, 3% Indigenous

  • 8% are ages 18-24, 27% are ages 25-30, 36% are ages 31-35 & 30% are 36-40 years old

  • 16% hold education-related roles, 37% serve in state legislatures, 43% are in municipal office & 3% are in legal positions

Our next big Election Day is June 22nd. We’re watching 49 candidates across New York — if you want to volunteer or learn more, we’ve got a round-up online now.

Have hope, even when it’s hard: We joined RFS candidates Amit Bagga (NYC) and Miranda Schubert (Tucson, AZ) to talk with CNBC about this bummer story on why older millennials struggle to run for office. One upside: Nearly half of all Gen Z & more than half of younger millennials are possibly considering a run. The future could be bright!

In RFS candidate & alumni updates…

Two upcoming RFS events…

In related reading…

  • A tweet for you, and a reminder: We don’t have a time machine to go back and fix Democrats’ mistakes of the last 20 years, but we have a chance now to ensure we don’t repeat them…

This week on the Run for Something podcast: When India Walton was growing up working class in Buffalo, she always knew she'd serve her community in some way -- but she never would have guessed that one day she'd be in the running to be the first woman mayor of Buffalo.

From being a mother at 14 to having twins in the NICU that nudged into going into nursing to her later role as a non-profit executive, India brings her full self to her campaign against a four-term incumbent who literally hides from his constituents. Listen to her story, then head to http://www.indiawalton.com to find out how you can help before Election Day on 6/22.

If you have questions or ideas on who we should talk to, give us a call at 833-244-5382.

Thank you for being part of the Run for Something community. We are so lucky to be able to do this work in partnership with you.

- Amanda

No repeating the same mistakes!