RFS feel-good update (6/21): The GOP machine vs this community

Plus, it's election day in NY tomorrow!

Hi all -

Tuesday is Election Day in New York! We have 49 candidates on the ballot across the state. We don’t expect results immediately (or in many cases, until July or later…) but we’ll keeping a close eye on the polls and will report back as we’ve got the updates.

Just a few stories on our candidates ahead of the big day:

As part of our Juneteenth celebration over the weekend, we are raising money for 37 Black candidates running for local office. Juneteenth may be over but the work for equity and equality continues. Chip in!

We’re also continuing to raise money for 26 LGBTQIA+ candidates running for local office as part of Pride month. You can donate to that slate here.

The Nation did a deep dive into the (small but mighty!) ecosystem of organizations supporting young people running for office:

At every level of government, the average politician is older than the average American. The average mayor is 56, the average governor 58, and the median school board member 59. Meanwhile, the median American is just 38


Despite their differences in size and scope, these groups all agree on one thing: the importance of young, diverse progressives running for office. “It really matters who’s in the room making these decisions. It is really important that when you are having conversations about housing, you have young people in the room who are either planning to be lifelong renters because they can’t afford to buy a home or are struggling because they had housing issues back in 2008,” Litman said. “Representation is not just a nice thing to have. It has a direct impact on the outcomes of our legislation.”

Morales Rocketto put it more bluntly: “How can you expect a group of 70- and 80-year-olds in the US Senate to really give a shit about student loans when it cost them 10,000 bucks to go to college?”

In RFS alumni updates:

A bench-watch update!

  • FL. Rep Michele Rayner has launched her campaign to fill Charlie Crist’s U.S. House seat in St. Petersburg - Michele was the first LGBTQ Black woman to win a seat in the FL state house.

If all the good outcomes of this community doesn’t inspire you, some reminders of the GOP’s absolute bullshit that should infuriate you:

…said another way:

Two events to put on your radar:

This week on the Run for Something podcast, available wherever you get your shows: Ricky Hurtado made history in 2020: He became the first Latinx leader in the NC state house, and was one of the rare Democrats anywhere to flip a state legislative seat red to blue. His story is both incredibly special and deeply common -- Ricky grew up in an immigrant household, was the first generation in his family to go to college, went to work in education, and decided to run because he felt like the students he was working with were being heard in government. His campaign made a lot of news over the last year; listen in to understand the story behind the headlines. You can find Ricky on any social media platform @RickyHurtadoNC.

Thank you for making this possible. We’re nearly halfway through 2021 (isn’t that wild!?!) and we’re running full steam ahead into an amazing summer with an incredible community. You’re a star.

- Amanda

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