RFS feel-good update (7/19): What's happening in Texas

RFS alum are always at the center of the action - because they're the ones bold & brave enough to act

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Last week, RFS alum were in the center of one of the biggest stories in politics: Texas Democrats fleeing the state to deny the GOP a quorum needed to gavel in their special session, where the governor’s agenda included egregious voter suppression laws, anti-trans legislation, anti-choice bills, and much much more.

For more details, make sure you’re subscribed to the Run for Something podcast — tomorrow’s episode features conversations with Reps. Zwiener and Talarico about what’s happening in Texas, how they’re feeling about all of this, and what we all can do to help.

If you want to lend a hand, we’re raising money for the incredible RFS alum in the TX state house — Reps. Erin Zwiener, John Bucy III, James Talarico, Jessica Gonzalez, and Jasmine Crockett. Split a donation between them now & help us recruit more folks like them to run.

We love courageous Democrats

In RFS alumni & candidate updates:

Related scary reading: QAnons fanatics are rebranding their ‘secret work’ and it could work.

Post-2020, Q believers are once again gearing up to run for office and grow their movement, but with two major strategy changes. One is that Q believers are now getting involved in local elections for school boards and city councils and showing up at board meetings to scream about Q-linked topics. The other is that many of these candidates no longer identify as believers in QAnon — or even acknowledge that a movement with that name ever existed. They’re taking their “secret war” to new recruits looking to strike back against a way of life they feel is eroding — without the public acknowledgement that such a war exists. In doing so, they have the potential to expose new audiences to their violent mythology, without having to explain away the baggage that comes with the term “QAnon.” …

That model, of attempting to gain power at the local level using QAnon mythology while simultaneously discarding the QAnon brand itself, is a sustainable path forward for a movement that had seemed to be teetering on the brink of irrelevance. It forges a new, durable way to actually influence policy without relying on cryptic nonsense found on an extremist message board. And it fits in perfectly with the GOP’s emphasis on pushing culture war issues at the expense of actual governing. …

QAnon evangelists — whether identifying with QAnon or not — are taking their “plan” straight to local schools. This time, they’re far less likely to fail.

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