RFS feel-good update (7/6): Back at it!

(Plus: The scariest paragraph you'll read all week.)

Hi all -

I hope you had a good long weekend! We’re back and ready to keep the momentum going.

While we still don’t have final results from NYC, the Board of Elections released preliminary ranked choice voting numbers, and a number of our city council candidates are in enough of a lead without absentee votes to declare victory, and we have more winners across New York. It’s entirely possible there are 16 RFS alum on the city council!!

Congrats to:

There’s also been further discussion of how India Walton won the mayoral race in Buffalo — it’s worth reading this Vox story on her victory. What India did was both exceptional and ordinary: She was a great candidate running a great campaign.

In RFS alumni updates:

In a bench-watch: Al Día talked with Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta about his campaign for U.S. Senate & the Philadelphia Inquirer looked at the wide and diverse group of endorsers Malcolm is racking up.

The scariest paragraph you’ll read all week: With the law enforcement spotlight on the group, Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio envisions his organization focusing on local political races rather than national ones. "I've always said my goal for this year ... was simple," Tarrio said. "Start getting more involved in local politics, running our guys for office from local seats, whether it's a simple GOP seat or a city council seat."

It's us against them. Are you in?

We partnered with our friends at Sister District to write an op-ed on the need for more LGBTQ+ representation in power — take a read at Democracy Docket.

This week on the Run for Something podcast: At least a half dozen people called in to 833-244-5382 and requested her, so here she is: Rhode Island Sen. Cynthia Mendes talks about how she grew up never seeing people like her in office, and didn't think politics was a meaningful way to make change -- until a few years ago, when a friend asked her to run for office herself. Along with a network of other progressive folks in the Rhode Island Political Coop, Cynthia ran and won against a more conservative incumbent. Since then, she's found again and again that the things she thought disqualified her actually make her even more powerful. To support Cynthia, make a donation now: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/cynthia4ri. You can also follow her on Twitter or other platforms: @Cynthia_Mendes_

Thanks for sticking with us. More to come!

- Amanda

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